Starborn® Structural H23 screws are specifically designed to attach deck ledgers to rim joists. They are fully tested and code compliant alternatives to traditional lag screws and through-bolts, with no pre-drilling required. Structural H23 screws feature a hex washer head for maximum drivability, a unique Tri-Forge® point for reduced driving torque, and a high-adhesion exterior grade coating. Complete fastening instructions are available in the Deck Ledger to Rim Joist Technical Guide. Structural H23 screws can also be used in a variety of other code compliant wood-to-wood connections.


    • IRC/IBC code compliant
    • No pre-drilling
    • Comparable to 1/2″ lag screws
    • 0.23″ shank diameter
    • 3/8″ hex head for maximum drivability
    • Tri-Forge® Point provides a fast start, minimal splitting, and reduced driving torque
    • Speed-Knurl™ reduces friction on
    • the unthreaded shank for faster installation
    • Black exterior grade coating has high-adhesion and is an ACQ approved alternative to hot-dip galvanized coatings

    • Fastener Properties and Design Values (DrJ TER 1703-05)
    • Deck Ledger and Ledger to Stud Applications (DrJ TER 1703-01)
  • Lateral Design Values (lbf)

    Length Head Marking* Thread Length HF/SPF (0.42 SG) DF/SP/SCL (0.50 SG)
    Z Perp Z Para Z Perp Z Para
    4″ D23 4 2-3/8″ 405 280 540 485
    5″ D23 5 3″

    *Indicates Diameter and Length.

    For a low-profile flat head alternative to attach deck ledgers,

    use Starborn Structural F23 4″ and 5″ screws.

    For complete technical information, visit starbornindustries.com

  • Packaging

    Length 20 pc 50 pc 250 pc 500 pc
    Item no. Case Qty. Item no. Case Qty. Item no. Item no.
    4″ XH23CL0400 6 XH23CT0400 6 XH23CQ0400 XH23CV0400
    5″ XH23CL0500 6 XH23CT0500 6 XH23CQ0500 XH23CV0500