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Clip & Rip - Packaging

Clip&RipTM Universal Hidden Deck Clip provides fast and easy installation.

The 16 pre-assembled collated strips with stainless steel screws allow for one-pass fastening saving time and money on the job site.

One-pass Fastening

Fastener can be installed in one go

Compression Tabs

"Bite" down into joists, keeping clip level after installation

Universal Compatibility

Suitable for grooved composite, PVC, and hardwood decking

Time & Cost Savings

16 clips per strip for installation of a full 20ft board

Clean & Consistent

Clip creates 3/16" spacing between boards

Corrosion Resistance

305 and 316 stainless steel options, allowing for marine use

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Clip&RipTM is also available in select building supply stores. If your local dealer doesn't carry Clip&RipTM yet please contact us at sales@starbornindustries.com for more information on where to buy.